How Renting "The Barn" Works

NO Alcohol

If you or any of your guests are found with alcohol on the premises, it will result in an immediate and automatic forfeiture of any remaining time at The Barn with NO refund, and a fine of $200 for violation of the Terms of Use. You will receive NO warning. Did we mention, NO ALCOHOL!?!

No Open Flames

Please, no lit candles inside of the barn. We have many battery operated pillar candles, taper candles and tea lights available for use. All we need is notice that you would like them and we will have them for you. Absolutely NO fireworks. Sparklers are allowed OUTSIDE with the following conditions.

  • No sparklers under the pergola. It’s wood. We’re paranoid.
  • All sparklers MUST be cleaned up, doused in water, and put in the dumpster. (Again, paranoia.)
  • If we clean up any sparklers we get annoyed, and then we charge a $50 fee.
  • DO NOT use glitter, sprinkles, confetti or rice for the send off.


We ask that you first utilize the gravel space to the North of The Barn prior to using the parking spaces on the asphalt. If you anticipate a larger event our host will assist with parking.

Hours & Access

You have access to The Barn from *10 am until Midnight. This means that you may begin bringing in any food, people or decorations at 10 am. Due to regular business hours at The Linden Nursery (which we share our main parking lot with) we ask that you not begin any ceremony or reception prior to 3 pm. We can make exceptions on a case-by-case basis, but this must discussed with a member of The Barn. You, your guests, and any items you have brought with you must leave The Barn by midnight.

Weather & Nature

Please understand that we have no control over nature. If any of your event is outside you may be visited by insects, rain, clouds, or falling detritus from the trees. We cannot be held responsible for Mother Nature, nor any of her moods or whimsies.

Items Left Behind

We are not responsible for any items brought into the barn. Nor can we be held responsible for any items your guests bring into the barn: purses, coats, cameras, etc. Realize that you bring items in at your own risk. Should any of these items be left behind we may incorporate them into our stock until you pick them up.

  1. Put a deposit down on The Barn, which books your date.
  2. Meet with a Member of our team to discuss tablecloths, layout, times, etc.
  3. On the day of your event, we set-up the tables, chairs and linen. Final set-up and clean-up will be done no later than 1 hour prior to your event. Any discounted rentals will be responsible for their own set-up and tear down.
  4. You are allowed to use any of our decorations which we have on the premises. This does NOT include additional linens such as table runners, overlays and chair sashes. Often times the other linens on site are reserved for other events. If you need additional linens please discuss this with a member of our team beforehand.
  5. You are also welcome to set-up the provided tables, chairs and linens if you are decorating earlier in the day and want to add your own items.
  6. Anything we aren’t providing, you bring your own such as food, extra decorations, cake, flowers, music, mimes , hula-hoops.
  7. If you have more than one event (i.e. ceremony, dinner, reception, etc) then we request that your guests move the chairs and tables to whatever new location you have chosen. (We are not responsible for a second set-up unless previously arranged with an additional charge.)
  8. Party (like it’s 1999.)
  9. Clean up any items you brought as well as returning any of the decorations which you have used from our stock. (whatever you decorate, you un-decorate.) Do NOT use any items that cause excessive clean-up such as glitter, confetti, sparkles or rice.
  10. Take your garbage out to the dumpster located on the south side of the restrooms.
  11. Leave- taking all of your guests and gifts with you.
  12. We take care of the linen, tables, chairs and the cleaning of the building. (Unless you have a discounted rental where you are in charge of the linen, tables, chairs and cleaning.) We may polish off any desserts, soda or candy you leave.


You are welcome to bring your own decorations, or use the decorations that we provide at no charge. You are not allowed to tack, nail or glue anything to the walls, or do anything that will cause permanent damage to the building or the items inside. Should any damage be incurred, we will charge you to fix it.

If you have specific decorations in mind, please let a member of our team know ahead of time so that we can make every effort to ensure that the items are available for your use. If there is something you are interested in that you do not see in our stock upstairs, please ask. Décor can change at any time without notice. Decorations seen at other events are NOT guaranteed because items are often brought in by others. Ask if you are unsure whether a specific decoration belongs to The Barn.

Catering & Kitchen

There is only one catering restrictions- NO ALCOHOL!!! Otherwise you can:

  • Bring your own food
  • Bring your own caterer

You are allowed use of our fridge. Please remember that it is only a fridge, not a freezer. It will melt your ice and turn it into a puddle in front of the fridge. We are not responsible for any ice puddles. You are responsible for cleaning the kitchen.

Event Host

Your event host is at The Barn to assist with the building and parking. They will be available to answer questions, but please remember that they are not responsible for setting up your decorations or doing your food. If you would like assistance with decorations please speak with a member of our team and assistance can be provided at $15/hour. This must be arranged in advance. If you have a reduced rental we do not provide a host.

Additional Items

If you need additional items such as tables, chairs or linens beyond what is provided by The Barn we will be happy to quote prices.

We have many options for overlays, runners and chair sashes available in many colors and styles. Ask for examples and prices.

A Dance Floor is available through Rent Event Utah. You can book via their website or through The Barn. There is a discount on the dance floor when booked at The Barn.